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A day in the life of a Support Worker - Residential Services

​I am currently a supporter worker working in a residential setting for adults with learning disabilities. The follow is an account of how the typical day runs.

My day will start following from a sleep in from the night before. I will wake the service users individually from 7am by knocking on their bedroom door and going in to wake them up. I will remind each service user what their day consists of so they know what clothes to wear. For our most dependant service user I will usually wake her around 7.15am and support her out of bed and to the toilet. During the 5 minutes I have free I will check the diary to see if there are any appointments for the day. After checking the diary I will go back in to our most dependent service user and support her off the toilet and to undress. I will then support her to shower, wash her hair and support her to dry herself and ensure she is weather and activity appropriate clothing.

I will then support her to the dining table where she will listen to music. I will then go back upstairs to check on the other service users, to ensure they are getting ready for their day. When needed I will prompt or support the service user to wear the appropriate clothing for the day.

I will then get our most dependant service user her breakfast, usually this is spaghetti, beans or scrambled eggs on toast. She is able to feed herself independently so during this time I will ensure I follow our daily handover sheets. I will record the fridge and freezer temperatures, start completing daily log records, ensure all the service user sleep chart, fluid charts and bowel charts are completed. Start putting on any laundry that needs washing, ensure the chickens and cats have been fed, start getting our most dependent service users bag ready for her day activities.

I will then go upstairs and support the service users with their medication. For the service users who are self-medicating I will just prompt them to remind them to take their tablets. I will ensure all MAR sheets are signed, gloves are worn throughout administering medication and ensure the service users have fully taken their tablets before leaving the room. All medication which is dispensed from the pharmacy monthly are dispensed in blister backs which are dated and contain the correct medication for the times specified on each pod.

After completing medication upstairs I will then prompt the service users to do their morning jobs which are written on the wall in the kitchen and have their breakfast.

I will then support our most dependant service user who has normally finished her breakfast in this time to her bedroom where I will then support her with her medication. After this I will support her to the toilet. I will then ensure everything for her bag is packed. Items such as: medication (ensuring controlled medication is signed out of service with date and amount taken out), MAR sheets, epilepsy protocol and seizure charts, spare clothing, incontinence pads, plate guard, spoon, bottle of drink, cup, apron, wet wipes, tea towel, gloves, disabled badge (ensuring this is signed out)

I will then support the other service with their breakfast and jobs if they require support, finish off daily logs, sign out medication and support service users with teeth brushing.

I will then support our most dependent service off the toilet and support her to get her walking aid and coat on. I will ensure the car is packed with her bag and her wheel chair.

Our service users attend day service Monday to Friday and we support our most dependant service user on a 1:1 basis every day. We have to be there by 9.30am and we support with her daily activities which are time tabled every week.

We normally return home around 4pm. When we arrive home I will support our most dependant service to the toilet and ensure all medication is signed back into service. I will complete the daily logs for the activities all service users have done during the day and check the continuity book for anything that has been written. I will also check the dairy for the follow day so I can then handover to the next staff member.

The staff member I hand over to usually starts their shift around 430. We normally have a 10 minute handover discussing what has happened in the day, any medication that may have been administered with is PRN and discuss the general well being of all the service users.

The evening/night shift staff member will then support our most dependent service off the toilet and ensure she is comfortable with slippers on and support with medication through the evening, ensuring all mar sheets are signed and correct procedures are followed during this period. They will support service users to cook the dinner and prompt service users to their daily jobs which are on the wall in the kitchen. Cats need to be fed, bins to be put out, recycling to be sorted, food for the next day to be taken out pf the freezer and daily logs to be completed.

Fridge and freezer temps to be recorded, fridges checked for out of date food and ensure all food is dated and covered.

They will then support the service users to get ready for bed, ensuring they have showered or bathed, teeth their brushed and got their lunch ready for the following day activities for evening.

All of the above tasks are carried out after 2 weeks of shadowing when new staff start, once they are confident and once they have completed all the mandatory and specific training to service.

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