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Blog: It’s ‘all change’ at Chertsey Road

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Chertsey Road, our residential service in Richmond, is undergoing a makeover; we are currently in the process of building a new four bedroom bungalow on the grounds. It is being designed around the needs of the four ladies currently living at Chertsey Road as the current building is not going to be able to meet their longer-term needs. The new build will enable the ladies to continue living in a safe environment and lead independent lives with the support from the Chertsey Road team. They will also have the opportunity to personalise the bungalow and be involved in decorating and choosing colours/furniture for their new bedrooms as part of the building process.

Once the bungalow has been completed, the main house at Chertsey will then be redeveloped into a supported living service, which will allow us to offer further support to individuals who wish to lead independent lives.

Check back here for future updates and pictures as the project progresses;

Latest news as of 31st August - Work is mainly now focused on the inside of the building with the installation of kitchen cabinets, white wash and en-suite bathrooms. The ladies moving into the building have all chosen their own colours for their feature wall in their bedrooms. The next stage will be to focus on the lounge and dining room areas.

Latest news as of 26th July – The external fence around the building has gone up. The focus will now be on the internal fittings and painting.

Latest news as of 12th July – All internal plastering has finished. Electric, cables and pluming have all been fitted inside the building. The installation of the solar panels has also begun.

Latest news as of 26th June – As of today, the roof is almost complete. The next steps will be for the windows to go in, the building will then be boarded up and insulated ready for plastering.

Latest news as of 7th June; Exciting news! Brickwork has now begun on the site.

Latest news as of 15th May; Day 1 of the project; cleaning and preparations for the site begin with the foundations going in. Please click through the pictures above to view the progress of the project.

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Chertsey is a registered residential home for four female adults with Learning Disabilities and individual complex needs in Twickenham.

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