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Care Home Open Day 2018 – Linking Communities

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Following on from the success of last year’s events, we are pleased to announce that many of our residential services will opening up their doors, once again, for National Care Home Open Day 2018.

Care Home Open Day’s emphasis is on the importance of connecting with local communities to develop lasting relationships. We value the relationships we have with the communities near to our services very highly and would welcome the opportunity to show you around and introduce you to some of the wonderful people that we support.

Please see the list of services holding events if you are planning on attending, please email the service directly to let the manager know.
(Please click on the name of the services below for more details about the home.)

Alderton House, Littleport (Friday 20th April)

Clareville, Caterham (Friday 20th April)

Cerrig Camu, Gwynedd (Friday 20th April)

Peach Cottage, Braintree (Friday 20th April)

Mill House, Kings Lynn (Saturday 21st April)

Merrington Grange, Shrewsbury (Saturday 21st April)

Town Farm Workshop, Cranborne (Wednesday 25th April)

Douglas House, (Friday 27th April)

Garthowen, Ceredigion (Friday 27th April)

Uplands House, Gwent (Saturday 28th April)

Vancouver, Lewisham (Friday 4th May)

Coneyhurst, Worthing (Friday 11th May)

Kingsdown House, Strood (Friday 8th June)

Starboard House, Woolston (Friday 22nd June)

Homeleigh, Manchester (Wednesday 13th June)

Rosebank Lodge, Mitcham (Sunday 8th July)

Beudygwyn, Anglesey (Wednesday 25th July)

Bay Lodge, Holbech (tbc)

Fleetwood House, Littlehampton (tbc)

Cornerleigh and Lambourne House joint event, (location and date tbc) or

We enjoyed opening the doors of 20 of our homes last year, the photos shown are a selection of those events.

Alderton House


The service is able to support individuals from the age of 17 as part of a transitional model of support we promote at Regard.

Clareville Road


Clareville is a registered residential home for adults with autism and learning disabilities who may present additional complex needs. The manager is a

Cerrig Camu Residential Service


Cerrig Camu will be participating in Care Home Open Day 2018 the service will be holding an afternoon tea on 20th April.

Peach Cottage and Lynray


Specialism: Providing bespoke packages of care and support to young adults with a Learning Disability, Aspergers/Autism, and emotional/behavioural difficulties.

Mill House


Vacancies : No current vacancies

Specialism: Adults with enduring mental health problems.

Type of Service: Specialist Mental Health service with

Merrington Grange


Specialism: Merrington Grange is a residential home supporting young adults with learning disabilities who may also have associated complex behavioural needs, epilepsy and

OWL Town Farm Workshop


OWL Town Farm Workshop will be holding an event on 25th April for Care Home Open Day. Please contact the service directly for

Douglas House


Specialism: Providing bespoke packages of care and support to young adults with a Learning Disability/Mental Health condition, Aspergers/Autism, those with forensic



Specialism: Garthowen is a registered residential home for working-age adults with Learning Disabilities, Dementia and/or Physical Disabilities which can be complex. The

Uplands House


Specialism: Uplands House is a registered residential care home for 4 service users with learning disabilities or mental health needs plus additional complex needs.

Vancouver Road


Specialism: Learning Disabilities and Mental Health needs who may present with challenging behaviour.

Details of Vacancy: There is currently one first

Coneyhurst Lodge


Specialism: Adults with complex health needs including epilepsy, physical mobility needs & other associated complexities.

Details of Vacancies: One ground floor

Kingsdown House


Kingsdown House will be holding an event on June 8th for Care Home Open Day, please contact the service directly for details.

Starboard House


Starboard House will be participating in Care Home Open Day this year and will be throwing an afternoon tea party on 22nd June



Homeleigh will be participating in Care Home Open Day 2018, please contact the service for details of their event.

Homeleigh is a

Rosebank Lodge


Rosebank will be participating in Care Home Open Day this year and will be throwing a BBQ event on 8th July from 12pm.

Beudygwyn Farm


Beudygwyn Farm will be hosting an event for Care Home Open Day in July. Please contact the service directly for details.

Bay Lodge


Bay Lodge will be participating in Care Home Open Day this year. Please contact the service for details.

Specialism: Younger adults

Fleetwood House


Specialism: The home supports both men and women with a learning disability, some of whom may have additional conditions, for example, anglemans syndrome,



Specialism: Cornerleigh supports adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, Acquired Brain Injuries and physical disabilities.

Details of the

Lambourne House


Specialism Adults with learning disabilities, autism and other additional needs such as complex epilepsy and sensory perceptual issues.

Details of Vacancies: