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Excellence in Person-Centred Support at Withersfield Lodge

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A group of people with learning disabilities are making the most of the recent sunny weather with barbecues and picnics at the supported living service where they live at Haverhill in Suffolk.

John Jopling who leads the team supporting the individuals who live at Withersfield Lodge said: “They’re really enjoying being able to eat outside now that it’s warmer, and are having a great time deciding what they want to eat and preparing their own food.

“These are the normal things of daily life which most of us take for granted, and it’s incredibly rewarding when the support we give our service users enables them to independently achieve these pleasures.”

Withersfield Lodge specialises in supporting people who have previously lived in a residential setting and require support to make choices and decisions in their lives.

John said: “We encourage the people we support to have confidence in making choices, and work hard to build on and develop their daily living skills which in turn enables them to manage their own health and lifestyle.

“The wishes of the people we support are central to everything we do. Person-centred care is not just about activities, it is about considering people’s desires and aspirations, seeing the person as an individual and being respectful.”

Where possible individuals are supported to manage their own finances and health as well as being taught life skills such as road safety and receiving help in finding employment.

Due to the success of the way the Withersfield Lodge team works, one individual has recently moved out to live in even more independent accommodation leaving a vacancy in a first floor en-suite room.

People who use Regard’s services are involved in all aspects of their support, from the recruitment of staff through to day-to-day matters. Staff appreciate how important this responsibility is to service users and how it reflects their desire to make a genuine contribution.

Families with an adult with learning difficulties seeking to make the transition to independent living can learn more by calling the Regard referral line: 0800 840 0313.

Our event, “Pursuing Excellence In Person-centred Care” was held at the House of Lords and hosted by The Viscount Bridgeman, People attending the event discussed how to develop services for people with learning disabilities and mental health needs in order to give them more opportunities to make informed decisions about their care. Three of the people we support attended. You can read their stories here:




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Withersfield Lodge is a supported living service is situated in the growing town of Haverhill, approximately 1 mile from the town centre and provides