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Positive Practices in Social Care and Organisation Design – IABA Conference


In June this year James Kiamtia-Cooper, Head of Behaviour Support at The Regard Group will be attending the IABA’s 9th International conference in Dublin. James will be presenting on positive practices in social care and organisation design.

Along with Linda Ribbands, Locality Manager at Regard, James will be presenting on the subject of: ‘Operating an integrated organisational approach utilizing the multi-element model to enhance the lives of individuals who challenge’ which draws upon the theory base of Gary LaVigna (who is internationally renowned for his work in behavioural management and social care quality review).

The talk will highlight Regard’s approach to “Pursuing Excellence in Person-Centred Care” (presented at House of Lords – UK Government, 2016) underpinned by inclusion of the key principles of the multi-element model in organisational design. The focus will be on an overview of the operational management, organisational structure and the organisational approaches to systems based practices that underpin this model.

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James will also be presenting at the Proact-Scipr-UK national conference this September on the related subject of ‘Utilising an integrated approach to enhance the lives of individuals who challenge’ - which aims to shine spot light on whole approach in providing a local, personalised model of care.

To view details of the Proact-Scipr-UK conference please click here.