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Regard/ACH conference award - Best Innovation – Teresa Rudd, Cherrycroft


Best Innovation – Teresa Rudd, Cherrycroft

Reason for nomination:
JP is a service user at Cherrycroft. His behaviours showed he was unsafe in the community. Teresa researched a less restrictive way for JP to go out and a DoLS application has been approved for this. JP now enjoys his community activities and he is safer in the community.


Helen Ritson – Town Farm Workshop - NOCN

Clareville Road - NJ’s Bedroom

Diane Carole and Tony Mulhearn – the design of Manor Barn



Specialism: Individuals with a learning disability with a specialist focus on autism. The staff team also offer a wealth of experience of epilepsy

OWL Town Farm Workshop


Providing work-related activity for adults with learning disabilities

Town Farm Workshop is an innovative project from Regard, We provide care and

Clareville Road


Clareville is a registered residential home for adults with autism and learning disabilities who may present additional complex needs. The manager is a

Manor Barn


Specialism: The service supports male adults with enduring Mental Health needs and/or Learning Difficulties, Asperger’s, Autism or ABI who would benefit