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Regard Achieves Investors In People Silver Award


Upon hearing the news that Regard had been successful in achieving a Silver Investors in People award, Sandie Foxall-Smith, Regard CEO, said “We are delighted to receive such a positive report which is a true reflection of the dedication and effort from all the staff within Regard and the Silver Award is a credit to all involved in the business.”

After visiting Regard services in Caterham, London, Cardiff, Weymouth, Havant and Ferndown, Investors in People Assessor, Sylvia Zachariah, made the following comments:

“It quickly became obvious that people are very focused on continuous improvement and are fully committed and passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for all service users”

“Your employees feel genuine passion for, and commitment to, their work with service users and fully appreciate the skills and knowledge given to them through focused learning and development”

“The increase in classroom training is having a significant positive impact on people’s understanding and motivation. There is excellent evidence of staff development not only having been maintained but also being considerably improved in terms of quality, quantity and relevance; most of what people learn is applied directly in their role and often with immediate effect. Staff confirmed that the improved training delivery is translating into enhanced performance and quoted improved occupancy and audit results as evidence.”

“There is excellent evidence of a strong coaching culture, which includes peer coaching. People have bought into the concept that learning and development is a responsibility equally shared by them and the organisation. They also believe that they will never stop learning and they actually enjoy this aspect. The core values support a clear vision and this is understood by staff at all levels”

“There is a strong culture of giving feedback, which also includes upward feedback. Your people are not afraid to ‘whistle blow’ if that is what is required and you are to be congratulated on the confidence staff has in the organisation taking their concerns seriously”

“Providing work-live-balance solutions is a real strength of Regard”

“Your focus on developing managers is paying off; staff confirmed that they can see greater efforts to improve the service; more discipline; better organised services and regular supervision. Your staff continually strives to improve services”

“Most managers care for their staff and are very supportive. Employees tend to value a hands-on manager more than permanently desk-bound one. Staff continues to look for leadership by example.”

“It has been a real pleasure to return to Regard and to see first-hand the effect a genuinely committed and visible top management has on an organisation. Regard is willing to use both external and internal feedback, including audits and assessments, to drive continuous improvement. The CEO is genuinely committed to the ethos of continuous improvement and is very open to feedback”

“Your people are your greatest asset. There is an enormous amount of dedication, hard work and real concern for the welfare and happiness of the residents.”

The organisation welcomes the Investors in People Standard as a tool to achieving lasting positive change that supports the growth and success of the operation as a whole and also ensures consistency and sustainability.