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YoungMinds have been voted as our charity of the year


We’ve had a great year holding many fundraising events to help raise money for our 2016/17 charity MIND. We raised a total of £3500 with The Regard Group matching this to make a grand total of £7000.

Many of our services, staff and the people we support got into the spirit by holding fundraising events throughout the year which included; mud races, coffee/cake mornings, BBQs, a Rock ‘n’ Roll themed party, sponsored bike rides, Scrabble competitions and much more (you can read more about these events by visiting

This year, YoungMinds, the UK’s leading charity committed to supporting children and young adults have been voted as our charity of the year for 2017/18.

Money raised throughout the year will go towards funding YoungMinds vital work to help improve the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

Over 2,000 of our staff were given the opportunity to vote for our charity this year with YoungMinds coming out on top.

We look forward to another year full of fun events to help raise money for this amazing charity and the work they do. To find out more about YoungMinds you can visit their website;