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When Kelvin moved in to Tarvin Road, Chester in June 2017, he had been in hospital for over a year, and was unable to go out in public or access public transport, as the thought of crowded places and open big spaces caused him distress.

Kelvin came to Regard struggling financially and with no support, as his benefits had been suspended. However, thanks to our Benefits team who have helped him to become financially secure, and the support of the Tarvin Road team, Kelvin looked forward to enjoying Christmas “for the first time ever”.

Terrie Ann Saunders, a Tarvin staff member says:

“I couldn’t be more proud of this lad! The change from when Kelvin first arrived, to his transformation now is incredible! A few months ago he would only go outside in a service car, for a drive with staff, and now he’s socialising and going to a disco with some of the other people we support - last night he won a best fancy dress competition and got a trophy! He has also joined the gym, and says it makes him really happy and healthy.

“Kelvin has come such a long way over these last few months and wants us here at Tarvin to share his great news and progression. Keep going Kelvin - you’re doing amazingly well!

Over the last six months Kelvin has built up good, trusted relationships with the staff at Tarvin Road, and is now going out for walks in Delemeare and doing his weekly shop in supermarkets. He even goes into Chester city centre to do his Christmas shopping on the bus.

Angie Swale, the Cheshire Services manager who has worked with Kevin for 6 months adds:

“Kelvin recently carved a pumpkin with one of the staff and said it was the first time he’d ever done that. He was so excited that it bought tears to my eyes. Can you imagine getting to 18 years and never even carving a pumpkin?

Kelvin also paid for his holiday next year, bought Christmas presents for his family, and said he was looking forward to Christmas for the ‘first time in forever’. He feels he now has the world at his feet. It’s so wonderful to see!”

Kelvin is a great example showing that with the correct support and care, someone can make the most of life, flourish and find happiness.

Tarvin Road service supports adult males with Learning Difficulties and/or Mental Health Needs, Asperger’s or Autism who would benefit from living in their own space with a bespoke care package to suit their needs, plus background support for more independent individuals.



The service is able to support men from the age of 17 as part of a transitional model of support we promote at Regard. In each