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Last week was MJ’s birthday, MJ is supported by the team at Garthowen, our residential service in Ceredigion. The team asked her what she would like to do and she requested to go out shopping during the day to spend her birthday money and then have a tea party.

Amyleigh, the Service Manager and the rest of the team arranged the party for her. They even invited friends along from neighbouring Regard service Caeronnen. There was party food, music and dancing and MJ said: “I had a lovely birthday party.”

This week it was LW’s birthday, another person supported by Garthowen. LW attends a day centre every day, so the team decided to throw him a surprise party when he returned. LW loves intense interaction and sensory stimulation. There was lots of music, singing, dancing, party games and bubbles. Following the success of MJ’s party, the guests from Caeronnen came along again.

The team made a personalised pass the parcel, they planned who to stop the music on each time and made sure that the person it landed on unwrapped a layer specifically suited to them. This was really fun for everyone involved and made everyone feel special.

Amyleigh said: “Everyone had a fantastic time”. Both MJ and LW were made to feel really special and had a wonderful day. Everyone is looking forward to the next birthday at Garthowen.”



Specialism: Garthowen is a registered residential home for adults with Learning Disabilities, Dementia and/or Physical Disabilities which can be complex. The service can manage



Specialism: The service supports adults with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Learning Difficulties, Mental Health, or ABI, substance misuse issues or with a history of substance misuse