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This week, the Kingston office organised a yellow day in aid of YoungMinds. They tied this in with World Mental Health day, co-ordinating a series of fundraising activities across the UK including an organisation-wide support for the charity YoungMinds’ #HelloYellow campaign with everyone dressing in yellow.

YoungMinds is a charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young adults.

Following on from the success of the Benefits’ Team’s great coffee morning, the Marketing Team organised a selection of activities for everyone to get involved in. This included hook-a-duck which, as can be seen in the photographs was great fun, with a whole variety of yellow themed prizes from sunflower seeds, to a tin of sweetcorn.

Jona Kastrati, who works in Payroll said: “Marketing set up a great event, with lots of yellow goodies and hook-a-duck, it was the best hour of our day.”

There was a whole selection of yellow drinks, cakes and chocolate. There was also a game of ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ which got very competitive.

Nick Martin, who also works in Payroll said: “It was like a yellow fairground and I won a stress ball which I have already squeezed the life out of.”

The day raised over £130 for YoungMinds which adds to over £4,500 raised so far.

Fundraising events for YoungMinds earlier in the year included the ‘Big Picnic,’ which involved many of the residential and supported living services holding a picnic for the people they support and their families and friends. There have also been fun runs and barbecues in our regions, and an inflatable obstacle course undertaken by staff from the Kingston office.

Every year our staff and the people we support vote to decide which charity they wish to support, Regard then also make a substantial contribution from the corporate coffers to enhance the total raised by staff and the people we support.

Regard’s managing director Carole Edmond said: “With an estimated three children in every classroom living with a diagnosable mental health condition, and over 80,000 young people suffering severe depression, it has never been more important to highlight the importance of education about mental health.

“YoungMinds does a brilliant job in raising awareness and supporting children and young adults with mental health issues. We are proud to be associated with them and to direct our own fundraising efforts their way this year.

“In addition, the charity-linked activity taking place in our services provide a sense of purpose for the people we support, not least because it allows them to connect to their community, make new friends, and develop social skills.”

We are looking forward to the rest of our fundraising events throughout October including an event from HR and Payroll next week.