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A day in the life of - Support Worker - ABI service

I come into work each day knowing I’ll make a difference to someone’s life.

I help individuals regain their confidence after experiencing acquired brain injury - the whole point of my job is to support these people, who have been through so much.

My morning begins with a hand-over from night staff, who give me the necessary information for the upcoming day. My team leader allocates which individual I’ll be working with that day, and explains what their requirements are.

Firstly, I help the people we support to get out of bed in the morning, and then assist them with taking medications if necessary. Some of them need personal care such as washing in the bathroom, and afterwards I help them whilst they have breakfast.

I organise the individual’s daily plans and activities around what they enjoy. We keep a list of their likes and dislikes, and make sure we keep them happy throughout the day. Some examples of activities include taking someone to a museum, bowling, for walks, for shopping trips and out for lunches – anything that they enjoy doing.

The key thing, is that the individuals do as much as possible by themselves – so that they progress and develop - and we’re here to support them if they need help.

The morning shift runs from 7.30am – 3.00pm , and the later shift is from 2.20pm until 10.00pm.

If I’m working the later shift, I assist the individuals with making their dinner – which they make themselves. I help them if they need assistance. Afterwards, some people like to go out in the evening, to the cinema, or perhaps the local pub to play pool, so I assist them in doing that. We log all the activities in a book each day, to keep a record of everything.

Throughout the day, we make sure that people keep trying out new things and developing themselves, with guidance and inspiration from the team.

As the individuals have suffered from acquired brain injury, I help them to remember things and trigger their memories, by using photographs and scrapbooks of past events. It’s really inspiring to see how they progress - and it’s my role to help give them hope, so they see how well they’re doing.

It’s a really lovely place to work – the staff are all great, and the manager is always on hand to support us whenever we need her.

Written by Debbie, Support Worker, Livingstone Road

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