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Equality and Diversity

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Regard’s commitment to equality and diversity means that every person supported by Regard has their individual needs comprehensively addressed and are treated equally and without discrimination. This is regardless of the individual’s ethnic background, language, culture, faith, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other aspect that could result in their being discriminated against purely because they have such characteristics.

We aim to be an equal opportunities employer to ensure that all staff are made aware of the opportunities that exist within the organisation. Such opportunities include vacancies, promotions, training and development activity.

Regard expresses its commitment to equality and diversity by:

  • Respecting the ethnic, cultural and religious practices of our staff and the people we support and making practical provision for them to be observed
  • Reassuring their diverse backgrounds enhance the quality of experience of everyone who lives and works in any home or service provided by Regard; festivals which are important to them as individuals; principles; ways; acceptable
  • Accepting the people we support as individuals, not as cases or stereotypes
  • Involving the people we support to express their individuality and to follow their preferred lifestyle
  • Showing positive leadership and having management and human resources practices that actively demonstrate a commitment to equality and diversity
  • Developing an ethos throughout the home or service that reflects these values and principles
  • Expecting all the home/service staff to work to equality and diversity principles and policies and to behave at all times in non-discriminatory way
  • Providing, training, supervision and support to enable staff to do this
  • Having a code of conduct that makes any form of discriminatory behaviour unacceptable. This is applicable to both staff and the people they support and is rigorously observed and monitored accordingly

Regard are members of Purple Space - the professional development hub for disability network leaders. More information about Purple Space is available here: Purple Space.

Regard also aims to reflect the diversity of society in all aspects of its business by developing a culture where the differences between people are valued and the full capabilities of individuals are harnessed and developed to the benefit of the the people we support, staff and the business as a whole. Regard aims to ensure that no job applicant, employee or individual we support is discriminated against.

Equality and Diversity

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