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A day in the life of a Service Manager at a residential service

I begin my typical day as a service manager by catching up with the people we support and staff. I ensure that all individuals are happy with their chosen activities, staff support is in place, and all jobs have been delegated out equally!

Onwards, I deal with the admin duties needed to ensure that I am up to date with changes in legislation and all compliance matters. I spend some time liaising with families, giving them feedback and updating them on upcoming events in the house. From time to time we also discuss any changes within Regard which may affect them. Liaising with Local Authorities to ensure a consistent approach and that they are aware of the services which we provide is also a part of my job. I may discuss any upcoming vacancies or other services (such as Benefits) which we can offer.

Throughout the day I complete house checks to ensure that the service is maintained at a high standard and all individuals’ bedrooms and communal areas are tidy and presentable, personal communication boards and staff photo boards (for staff on duty) are up to date. These help to ease any handover anxieties (which some service users suffer with). We also have menu pictorial boards to support service users to be able to make choices throughout their day.

We encourage the people we support to be involved in the running of their home. They can help us make health and safety, fire and water checks for example. We provide our documentation in Easy Read form to support them to do this. The people we support like us to display these leaflets as well as other Easy Read documentation on their notice board.

It is crucial that I am always ready to support individuals with their activities when they need me. I enjoy this as it helps me to keep good contact with them and their outside support groups. I drive them to activities and like to meet their families and friends. I have found that this is important to individuals and their families, who always comment that they like to see me out and about meeting people.

Towards the end of the day when we have all finished rushing around it’s nice to chat to staff, to see how their day has been and if they need any changes in support, training etc. I try to ensure that I am always available for them. They are the heart of the support we provide here; they play such a vital role in us providing excellent day to day support and enhancing the lives of our service users. It is paramount that they know I have time for them if they need me.