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A day in the life of - Supported Living - Support Worker

A typical day as a support worker in a supported living service is likely to involve working with 1 to 3 tenants on a 1-to-1, or shared basis. The day will usually begin with reading or handing over any updates from the previous days, so that you know what is going on within the service, and you are aware of the individuals’ plans for the day. If working the early morning shift, you will be supporting individuals with getting up, showered and dressed. After this, the people we support might decide to have their breakfast, or if they take medication, you will need to give support with this.

We promote as much interaction with the Learning Disabled community as possible, so some of the support involves going to meet friends at community centres and events, or participating in group activities. After the hustle and bustle of the morning, the people we support may have college, activities or events to attend, which they will either be driven to, or get public transport to with their support worker. Support workers may join in the activity, or sometimes they just drop them off and will pick them up later.

Depending on what the individual has planned, the support worker will assist them to make lunch, giving them as much time and prompting them to make whatever they feel like, utilising their cooking skills. This is a great time to promote learning new things, from how to peel a carrot, to how to make soup from scratch!

In the afternoon, any money that the individuals have spent that morning should be counted by them and their support worker, to make sure that they have all the correct change, and can put this away in their personal wallets that the staff keep safe. This provides an opportunity to work on money and budgeting skills, and ensures that the individual is not over spending, or that money is not going missing.

At the end of the day, the support worker will document anything that is relevant to the individual’s day on their support records, so that the next support worker will be able to promote continuity of care.

In the evenings, the people we support will cook dinner with staff support, and again use this time to practice their independence skills. This includes knowing how to cook and prepare food, how to keep a kitchen clean, and what is safe to eat. After this, individuals might go out to a gig, party, band practice, pub, or they might just choose to stay in and watch a film or relax. Support workers will assist them with accessing community activities - and when they return home, will document anything that has been done, count up any money with the individual, and make sure that they have taken with medication, ensuring they have everything they need before finishing.

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