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A warm welcome to their new home


Relocating to brand new home gave cause for celebration to Elinor Gunz and Janet Bird, and they were even more delighted when they were presented with personalised welcome hampers courtesy of the Regard Group.

Sandie Foxall-Smith, CEO of Regard, said: “Moving into a new home is such a big event, we’ve decided that going forward we want to mark the occasion for everyone concerned by giving them a hamper full of things that will make them happy and be useful in their new environment.

Elinor and Janet’s hampers contained a supply of store-cupboard essentials such tea, coffee and cereals, as well as some good quality cleaning items, but Sandie says the hampers are not intended to be one-size-fits-all.
“We will tailor the contents according to the needs of the individuals concerned, in the same way that we tailor all our new accommodation,” she said.

We welcomed a significant number of new people to our services in 2017, with seven new services opening in the year due to organic growth, and a further 17 added as a result of acquisitions. It is expected that five more new services will open by March 2018.

We have established a 12 week integration programme to guarantee a seamless transition when established services, previously run by other operators, join our group. This ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible for all staff, the people we support, and the families involved in the process.

The central purpose of the plan is to ensure that the people living in these services are affected as little as possible by the change of ownership, and that they are well supported while it happens. The welcome hampers are just one element of that, while other provisions include communications in an easy-read format tailored to their needs.

Hampers are also now given to newcomers at other Regard services, with the central objective of ensuring that people feel thoroughly settled in their new homes.

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Chertsey is a registered residential home for four female adults with Learning Disabilities and individual complex needs in Twickenham.

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