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All change for The Pembroke Five at Wren Park


It’s all change at Wren Park, our service for people with an acquired brain injury, where five of the service’s long-standing individuals have developed their independent living skills to the point where they are now able to move out into their own homes in the community.

Heather Jupp, who currently leads the team at Wren Park, says: “Matthew, Michael, James, Alison and Reuben have all lived at Wren Park for quite a few years so we’re going to miss them very much, but for every one of them it’s a fantastic success to be able to reclaim their independence in this way.”

The group, affectionately known as ‘The Pembroke Five’ because they used to live together in Wren Park’s Pembroke apartments, are all relocating to independent flats nearby provided in partnership with Surrey County Council.

Outreach support will continue to be provided for one of the group by the team at Wren Park. Heather, who has recently joined the Wren Park team, said: “Supporting people with ABI and complex needs to progress to the point where they are able to live in their own home requires a huge amount of commitment and dedication, and the staff at Wren Park, including the previous service lead, have delivered that in abundance.

“So it’s with a mixture of sadness and joy that we’re waving goodbye to The Pembroke Five, and we wish them all the best in their new homes.”

The Wren Park staff who have worked with the group for several years said they are extremely proud of them and - although they will be missed – The Pembroke Five deserve their progression to continued independence because every individual has worked very hard to achieve it.

All their moves have been in the planning stage for at least a year, with the support of a variety of specialist staff supporting each individual to ensure they are all fully prepared and ready for this important step, and equipped with all the skills they need to live independently.

The departure of The Pembroke Five means that other tenants at Wren Park who are ready for greater independence, can now move up to the newly-vacant Pembroke apartments and be supported by the staff team as they continue their own journey towards independent living.

Heather and her team undertake detailed entry assessments and regular reviews to ensure that appropriate support is provided at all times to ensure the people with ABI they support will have the best rehabilitation experience, and progress steadily towards independence.

The support provided encompasses all aspects of everyday life including visiting family and friends, budgeting, helping with food preparation, accessing and attending medical appointments to maintain optimum mental and physical well-being, travelling to and attending college, and participating in voluntary work.

The various relocations mean that there are now three ground floor vacancies and two semi-independent flats on the second floor with shared kitchen available for individuals with ABI and complex needs. Interested families should contact Theresa Cook, Customer Relationship Manager, on 07812072043 for further information or visit the service page below.

Acquired Brain Injury Service - Wren Park


Specialism: Adults with a traumatic or non-traumatic ABI and varying degrees of cognitive, physical, behavioural and emotional difficulties.

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