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Clareville Farm helps Nicky become independent

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Feeding pigs, chickens, sheep, goats and horses has helped Nicky from Caterham, Surrey gain meaningful stimulus and experience for the first time in his life.

Regard, which has a registered residential home for adults with autism and learning difficulties in Clareville Road, Surrey, has teamed up with Tandridge Hill Farm to provide activities.

Care worker Hazel Ferguson said: “Working with animals can really help many people with autism and learning difficulties as they can care for them, feed them and they often have a calming influence. It is also a really worthwhile job for them.”

Nicky, aged 38, who is autistic and has echolalia, has been going to the farm every week and it has helped him make real progress.

Said Hazel: “Nicky found himself in a bit of a rut. For many years he had been gardening, which was a great activity for him, but it was no longer holding his interest. It took him a few sessions to get used to Tandridge Farm but now he is really engaged and looks forward to going there every week.”

It has sparked a real interest in animals for Nicky, who went to Chessington World of Adventure recently with others from Clareville Road, a service which cares for people with autism and learning difficulties.

Hannah Fleming, service manager for Regard, said: “The care we provide at Clareville is individually structured to ensure that all our clients live as full a life as possible, including a supported annual holiday. The support we provide is adjusted regularly to reflect each person’s changing needs and abilities.”

Clareville Road has places for 10 service users, all of whom are given individual support to live more independent lives, and currently has one vacancy. Further details about the vacancy are available from service manager, Hannah Fleming, on 01883 340 181.

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Clareville is a registered residential home for adults with autism and learning disabilities who may present additional complex needs. The manager is a