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Go Team: Regard’s Management Team drink invisible cups of tea!

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A sunny, May day saw Regard’s managers form teams and race around the grounds of Wokefield Park, Reading.

As part of the 2015 Management Conference they were attempting to solve clues in a bid to win the team game. Equipped with ipads, flat shoes and with their “game faces” on the teams competed against each other to complete challenges such as:

• Drinking an invisible cup of tea

• Imitating the hands of a clock

• Finding hidden information

• Balance on a tree stump

• ‘Stage’ a photograph to appear to be holding up the driving range markers

Shouts of “Walk faster”, “You’re going the wrong way!”, “Can we have a rest?”, “I need my shades”, “I can’t get 3G” and “Where’s the bar?” could be heard echoing around the extensive grounds.

After an hour of frantic activity, it was back to the conference room for a well-earned rest and an anxious wait for the scores.

Following a countdown in reverse order the winning team were announced as the “Kingston Klowns” a.k.a Gemma, Louise, Polly, Zara, Julie, Skender, Asta and Ollie (first picture). They rose to a big round of applause (and some heckling of Skender about ipad “hacking”!) to collect their prize of a box of chocolates each.