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Regard supports the ‘Purple Light up’ campaign

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During the first week of December, Regard staff will be celebrating the economic power of disabled people across the globe, by joining in the #PurpleLightUp campaign.

The #PurpleLightUp movement is powered by PurpleSpace, and brings together millions of voices around the world to put a spotlight on the economic contribution of disabled employees. PurpleSpace also support employers around the world to improve their disability strategies, and strive to inspire the millions of disabled people who are looking for work.

In a growing global movement, over 160 countries have signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – and #PurpleLightUp will bring together a global call to action.

During the week commencing 3rd December, we will join major corporations and government buildings across the world, who are lighting themselves up in purple to celebrate the economic power of disabled people across the globe.

Our Regard branding will be turned ‘purple’ - including our logo, and email footers. The tree lights in the Kingston office courtyard will be lit up in purple, and staff will have a ‘wear purple clothes day’.

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