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Staff and the ladies they support are celebrating the opening of a brand new Regard Group bungalow at Chertsey Road.

We have built the four-bedroom facility in the large garden of our existing service in Chertsey Road, Twickenham.

The bungalow will be home to four ladies who have been living at the existing building, but whose declining mobility means that the current two-storey accommodation is becoming less suitable for them.

Janet Bird, aged 75, Elinor Gunz and Marily Glass, both 73, and Christina Clarke, aged 70, have all been with Regard for 20 years, and have spent all that time living in the same area.

Guy Page, Head of Strategic Relationships for the Regard Group, said: “We have thought laterally about how we could provide a solution which would best meet the needs of the four ladies, who all have learning disabilities.

“They have been known to the Whitton community since they moved into Chertsey, and have always enjoyed each other’s company.”

“Trying to find a suitable bungalow in the Richmond area for them was impossible, so one option would be for the four ladies to move to suitable accommodation away from this area. We were keen not to separate them, as this would have been very stressful.”

“None of them wanted to do that, as they are very settled and happy in Richmond, so we looked other options

“Chertsey Road has a really large garden, so we decided to go for a new-build, which will enable the ladies to continue living in a safe environment, and lead independent lives with the continued support of the Chertsey Road team.”

Not only are the ladies already living in a brand-new bungalow, but they have also had a say in how their new home looks.

Mr Page said: “They have been involved in decorating and choosing the colours and furniture for their new bedrooms as part of the building process.

“This has personalised it, so that it really feels as if the bungalow has been built just for them, and is somewhere they can truly call home.”

It’s taken around nine months for the project to be completed, and there was lots of official planning hurdles to be cleared to make it possible.

But it all came to a head this week when Sandie Foxall-Smith, Chief Executive Officer of the Regard Group, proudly cut the ribbon to mark the official completion of the building work.

The four ladies were able to move into their new home within a few days of the open day.

Mr Page said: “This is the first time we have created an entire new service from scratch. It has been an exciting project and we are all very pleased and proud of the results.”

The main house at Chertsey Road is to be redeveloped into a supported living service, which will allow the Regard Group to offer further support to individuals who wish to lead independent lives.

Families or individuals wishing for more information should contact Guy Page on 07773 746 614.

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Chertsey is a registered residential home for four female adults with Learning Disabilities and individual complex needs in Twickenham.

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