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Regard’s regional meeting inspires leaders

Our People from the London, East and South East region gathered together recently for a Frontline Leaders conference, with the theme focused on Regard’s ‘Culture and Digital Journey’. It was a great opportunity for a number of Regard’s speakers to share their successes, communicate updates, and for everyone to connect face-to-face.

Sam Collier, the Regional Director, commenced with Regard’s values: Compassionate care, Excellence and Hard work, and said: “Our Values underpin the successes that we have experienced to date.

“As leaders it’s our role to ensure we ‘live’ our values by consistently demonstrating them through their leadership behaviours.”

“Our Vision is to strive for continued improvement by focusing on making people’s lives better, every day. We’re great at this already. But we can always be better! Our Mission is to develop and grow, with integrity and trust – to deliver high quality services, offering a desirable place to work. Everything we do is person-led; this is the culture we live and breathe.”

Carole Edmond, CEO of The Regard Group, thanked everyone for their hard work and said: “It makes me really proud to work for such an inspiring organisation.”

Carole discussed the importance of Regard’s culture and how “we look for the very best in people.”

She went on to highlight the ‘Culture of inclusion’ behaviours and skills that are valued by Regard, which include kindness, integrity, awareness and a flexible mind-set, amongst others.

She added: “Everyone has a story - we will always listen, learn and are willing to continuously improve.”

The Leadership team received updates about the Learning Management System which helps them to organise workshops, training and learning, and updates about Regard’s finance, IT and GDPR processes.

The new induction workbook for staff was introduced, with details on how the induction process is uniquely tailored to each service, highlighting Regard’s Person-led focus.

Sam ended the conference by saying “As Regards Front Line Leaders you genuinely make people’s lives better every day, you should be proud, it’s a privilege for be your Regional Leader!”

Cassandra Palmer, Area manager, concluded “Today has been great, because I now understand the values and culture of Regard on a far deeper level.” Danielle Carrigan, manager at Sail Close added “Today was so inspiring – it’s put everything into perspective, and I enjoyed learning more about our values and company culture.”