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Steven, from Alderton House, takes step into adulthood

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An iPad app that makes “raspberry noises” has proved the key to unlocking the world of adulthood for a young man with Angelman’s Syndrome.

Steven Brandon, aged 20, has the genetic disorder which causes severe physical and intellectual disability, which means he is non-verbal and finds it difficult to live with others. He lives in Alderton House, Ely, Cambridgeshire – a 10-bedroom residential home operated by ACH, part of the Regard Group.

The iPad app was discovered by staff at Alderton House and Stephen enjoys using it to make the noise and it has helped him in changing his behaviour.

Steven moved into Alderton House in June 2013 while still at school. He found the transition to adulthood very difficult having been with the same group of people since he was four years old and this was reflected in challenging behaviour.

Theresa Clarey, Homes Manager at Alderton House said: “Steven found it really difficult to mix with others and he would sit on the floor rather than a chair and would not eat like an adult. His behaviour became so bad that a safeguarding team were brought in and he needed to be segregated from others.

“By working one-to-one with him intensely we found out what worked for him. He reacts better to men than women and we worked with psychologists and the local team to find out from him what made him happy and contented.

“The iPad app was just one element in helping him behave in a more appropriate way so that he can now enjoy his adult life and be able to mix with others.”

Steven now goes horse riding with a group once a week and has started going swimming weekly with another resident of Alderton House. His behaviour now enables him to mix with others and enjoy a social life as an adult.

For further information contact Theresa Clarey on: 01353 862677 or email:

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