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Sunflower growing races gets Regard’s services ready for summer

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Our services are embracing the start of summer with a new competition: ‘Bloom and Win’.

Every service has been given a packet of sunflower seeds and their teams are racing to see who can grow the tallest ones. Later in the summer we are holding a competition across Regard to win a prize for the best photograph – we’ve already seen evidence of many green fingers with sunflowers reaching a metre high in a very short time.

At our OWL service, Town Farm Workshop in Dorset the people we support have really got into the groove – making colourful paper sunflowers and wonderful art – look out Van Gogh!

Watch this space to see giant sunflowers coming soon.

OWL Town Farm Workshop


Providing work-related activity for adults with learning disabilities

Town Farm Workshop is an innovative project from Regard, We provide care and