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The Regard Awards -  Award recipients this quarter

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We are delighted to announce the recipients for this quarter’s Awards.​

Continuous Improvement

Award recipients: The Benefits Team

Julia and her team were nominated by Diane Carole who said “The Benefits Team not only support staff, but also assist families of the people we support and ultimately, they help our vulnerable individuals to obtain the financial support they are entitled to. This in turn helps our registered landlords and so the impact of their good work threads through the whole company. As the company has grown they must have taken on more and more work and yet the response time for advice and support is often immediate. I appreciate them and hope that if they win this they will see that others do too.”


Madelaine Williams, Support Worker at Manor Barn, Wales and West. Nominated by Angela Swale

Staff team at Orchard View, London, South East & East. Nominated by Linda Ribbands

Jane Burse, Service Manager at Whitehatch, London, South East & East. Nominated by Kathleen Belfield

Living Our Values

Award Recipient: Rebekah Latimer

Rebekah was nominated by the members of her staff team who said how supportive and approachable she is, how you can rely on her for anything and how she is ‘special to everyone’. The people she supports said:
Debbie said: ‘Rebekah helped me to go on holiday and is always there if I need her. I feel I can tell her things that I can’t say to anyone else.’
David said: ‘Rebekah is very good and kind. She sorts things out for me when I ask for something. I am very happy.
John said: ‘Rebekah does a good job. I am happy with everything she does.’
Gary said: ‘Rebekah goes things done for the house to make it look nice. She always says she likes my new hair.’
Stephen said: ‘Rebekah will sit and talk to me’.


Sharon Jones, Support Worker at Highbury House, Wales and West. Nominated by Debs Fritzl

Katrina Greff, Locality Manager for London, South East & East. Nominated by John Joplin

Shirley Ford, SW at Barra House, Wales and West. Nominated by Debs Fritzl

Nick Hobbs, SW, Newton House, South and South West. Nominated by Chloe Saunders

Outstanding Team

Award Recipients: Garthowen staff team

The team were nominated by Amyleigh Normanton and Sara Ratcliffe who told us how the team have been committed and passionate about improving Garthowen as a home. Amy said that this has been demonstrated in a number of ways:

• The support I received as a new manager, implementing and improving systems and services which has led to continuous ‘green’ audits.
• The goals and achievements the Garthowen team have enabled the people we support to achieve through their support, motivation and care.
• The support they provided to the people who transitioned from Faerdre to Garthowen - displaying care and compassion in order to enable them to feel settled and comfortable within their new environment as quickly as possible.
• Their passion in making Garthowen a home and creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for everyone.
• Giving the people we support a name within the local community by encouraging community inclusion. This has been achieved by supporting people to access the community on a regular basis, attending classes such as knitting, chair aerobics, horse riding, visiting local shops and going for walks around the village and socialising with neighbors and passersby.
• The support they provide to their fellow colleagues whilst on shift. Assisting each other during incidents of challenging behaviours, supporting each other with tasks and giving each other advice with assignments for their QCF qualifications.

Sara said, ‘The rural location of Garthowen provides plenty of challenges to overcome – all amenities are more than walking distance away. Staff tackle these obstacles head on – ensuring that the people we support are able to participate in activities and lead a life of a quality they desire. Staff work with people to plan ahead, work around time constraints and resources and involve them in decisions.’


Manor Barn Team, Staff team at Manor Barn, Wales and West. Nominated by Angela Swale

Ravenscroft Team, Staff team at Ravenscroft, South and South West. Anonymous

Fairway, Staff team at Fairway, Wales and West. Nominated by Charlotte Wild and Diane Carole

Mill House Team, Staff team at Mill House, London, South East and East. Nominated by the People we support and their families



Specialism: Garthowen is a registered residential home for adults with Learning Disabilities, Dementia and/or Physical Disabilities which can be complex. The service