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The Regard Awards recipients - Summer 2018

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Congratulations to our latest Regard Award recipients - Katarzyna Kalinska (The Grove), Carla Dearing, Lisa Runnalls, Karen Solt, Donna West and Lucy Tempest (Devon Service Managers) and the team at Eastbourne Road. Their support for their colleagues and teams, the excellent care they provide, and their creativity and dedication have been invaluable.

The recent report from our independent Investors in People inspector described how over 90% of our staff feel that they personally share Regard’s values of ‘Compassionate Care’, ‘Excellence’ and ‘Hard Work’.

The standard of award entries was so high this quarter that we felt many nominees deserved a special mention – these are listed below, along with the teams and people who were shortlisted for an award.

Living our Values - Excellence

Award Recipient: Katarzyna Kalinska, The Grove, London, South East & East

Katarzyna was nominated by Maarten Vegting, who said: “Katarzyna supports her team members well, providing clear direction and encouraging them in their own personal development.

Under her leadership the support provided to the people living at The Grove is of the highest quality. The evidence for this is the continued achievement of positive outcomes from internal audits as well as good CQC reports.

A recent visit from the Local Authority was also very complimentary and included the following statements: “There is an outcome focused approach and residents are encouraged and supported to gain independent skills and be part of the community” and “The manager was very professional and approachable. She accessed files easily and imparted information freely and with confidence”.

Feedback from family members is also always very complimentary, an example is feedback from TO’s sister about the support provided to her brother who requires a lot of additional support. When the care team considered moving TO she said that she would like him to stay living at The Grove as she is so happy with the support he receives there.”

A special mention to:

• Kristian Evans, Regional Coordinator, Wales & West - Nominated by Jake Allen and Molly Robinson

• Mark Welsby, Sheringham House, London, South East & East - Nominated by Linda Ribbands

• Paul Card and Helen Ritson, Domiciliary Care Dorset and OWL Town Farm Workshop, South & South West – Nominated by Neil Cole

• Lillian Kidd, Homeleigh, Wales & West – Nominated by Charlene Daulby

• Carly Strange, Diana Walles & Marie Hawkes, The Marketing Team, Kingston Office - Nominated by Guy Page


Jacci Woodhouse, Merrington Grange, Wales & West – Nominated by Charlotte Turner on behalf of Catherine Edwards

Pauline Turner, Woodbridge House, London, South East & East – Nominated by Charity Kabo

Chris Woolgar, Arden House, London, South East & East – Nominated by The Marketing Team

Outstanding Team

Award recipients: Devon Service Managers – Carla Dearing, Lisa Runnalls, Karen Solt, Donna West & Lucy Tempest, South & South West

The Devon Service Managers were nominated by Sarah Ghent, who said “Wow what a team! I am very lucky to have such a committed and passionate group of Managers. They are extremely supportive of each other and to me as their Locality Manager.

They provide each other with support, for example where there are staff shortfalls they will provide staff to each other’s service. One SM developed a handover book which included all the weekly checks required which some of the other SM’s have now incorporated this into their own service.

They organise their own locality on call rota where one of them will be on call for the whole locality, thereby allowing their colleagues valuable time off and promoting a positive work and life balance.

As a team they will organise Regard group events, such as the recent picnic in the park. They also organise annual Christmas and Halloween parties for the locality.

They regularly interview for new staff together, and will pass on both suitable candidates and potential referrals to each other, should they not be suitable for their own service or if their service is full.

They provide support for being CQC inspection ready, those that have already been inspected will spend time with their colleagues helping them to gather evidence.

Where there have been issues in a service, they have provided valuable practical support and assistance to each other. There is healthy competition between them, especially when it comes to audit and CQC inspection time, as a team of people they are proud of and celebrate each other’s successes.”

A special mention to:

Whitehatch Team, London, South East & East – Nominated by Jane Burse


Coneyhurst Lodge Team, London, South East & East – Nominated by Dan Adams

Arrowe Hall Team, Wales & West – Nominated by Kate Durband

Copperfield Team, South & South West – Nominated by Paul Card

Continuous Improvement

Award Recipients: Eastbourne Road Team, London, South East & East

Kellie Homewood nominated the Eastbourne Road Team, who said “Over the past 18 months, the established team members have focused themselves in not only meeting the minimum needs of the individuals who use the service, which has been difficult due to not having a full team, but identifying with individuals a much more person-centred approach, through listening to them, but also working as a team by reflecting on internal audits and feedback from families and professionals and living by a can do attitude.

There has also been an increase in the compliments received from families and friends in the annual questionnaire.

Three individuals have had success stories shared, the first was an individual promoting exercise and wellness for Merry May and two individuals featured in the Spring/Summer newsletter one individual created a ‘Wow factor’ moment for Jane Judd and another person who has worked hard on their health and fitness.

The team at Eastbourne Road have also worked to support changes within the home environment, encouraging choice and decision making with décor and colours of new carpets and furniture to make everyone feel loved and cared for, and individual rooms have been made more personalised to the people we support.

To help with routines and reducing anxieties, weekly activity planners have been created which are presented in different formats depending on needs, this has helped reduce incidents, and activities are discussed in monthly key worker meetings.

A special mention to:

Dorota Padiasek, Woodbridge House, London, South East & East – Nominated by Charity Kabo

Seymour House Team, London, South East & East – Nominated by Linda Ribbands

James Sapple, Manor Barn, Wales & West – Nominated by Kate Durband


Peach Cottage Team, Lynray Team and Mole Hill Team – Nominated by Stephanie Luckett

Kayleigh Bunce, Wem Residential, Wales & West – Nominated by Jake Allen

Restormel House


Specialism: Learning Disabilities, Mental Health issues and other concurrent complex needs. Individuals with Asperger’s and/or other Autistic spectrum conditions and Individuals

Douglas House


Specialism: Providing bespoke packages of care and support to young adults with a Learning Disability/Mental Health condition, Aspergers/Autism, those with forensic

Domiciliary Care South West

The Domiciliary Care Agency Southwest is part of Regard Ltd and provides specialist care and support services to adults (18-65) and children and

Victoria and Grenville


Specialism: This service is specifically dedicated to providing support to adults who are vulnerable and have a learning disability, Mental Health Issues, Challenging



Specialism: Harbour is registered to provide services for younger adults with: Autistic Spectrum conditions, Behaviours that may challenge, Profound or Multiple Learning Disabilities

The Quays


Specialism: The Quays is a supported living service designed to offer support and accommodation for adults with learning disabilities.

Details of

Eastbourne Road


Specialism: Eastbourne Road is a residential home supporting young adults with learning disabilities who may also have associated complex behavioural needs, epilepsy and

The Grove


The Grove supports adults with learning disabilities and individual complex needs.

Details of vacancy: There is currently a vacancy for a