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The Regard Awards - The People’s Awards - Winners!

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For this quarter of the Regard awards we asked the people we support to nominate staff and teams.

We are delighted to say that we had a great response and it has been such a pleasure to read all the entries. They are a wonderful way to remind us of the difference we can make to people’s lives every day.

The winners are:

Living Our Values

Winner: Vikki Fysh, Oaklands. Vikki Fysh was nominated by Stephen Bacon.

Stephen said: “Vikki helped me get contact with my children, setting up meetings with social care teams and supporting me to visit them. I now visit my children and grandchildren independently because of her support”.

Shortlisted (with a brief note on why):

Sarah Langley, Eastbourne Road. Sarah was nominated by Amanda Brooks and Kellie Homewood who said Sarah has supported them with a garden project which includes vegetables, flowers and a fairy town.

Sara Ratcliffe, Caeronnen. Sara was nominated by Kevin Larder because ‘she looks after me and makes me laugh’.

Laura, Alderton House. Laura was nominated by Lottie Jones who said: ‘Laura helps me with my hair, and supports me with singing and dancing and playing on the Wii’.

Samantha Williams, Cherrycroft, who was nominated by Clare Jeffries because ‘Sam is very reassuring about things that worry me. She is a good listener, has good ideas, helps me with my budgeting and makes drinkable tea.’

Claire King and the team at Walnut Tree. Claire and the team were nominated by Craig Fletcher as they have ‘helped me with a lot of things I found difficult last year. Claire has helped me find a partner online and I am so grateful to her. We are still together now.’

Outstanding Team

Winners: The Shelden Drive Team. The team were nominated by Mark Mould.

Here is Mark’s nomination:

“I would like to nominate the fantastic team at Shelden Drive. The team help me and everyone to be happy. I enjoy helping and they give me jobs and things to do in my home and get me involved in everything. Staff take me out to do all of the things I enjoy like pub lunches, which I love my £5 lunch meals. Nikki is great, she runs us all about to do the things we love. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I want without staff”.

“Amanda was great, she came to the hospital to visit me all of the time and I would like to say a big thank you to her and the team for helping me at hospital and taking me to the hospital. I was very panicky and staff helped me feel better, they told me I had nothing to worry about, I was very ill and staff helped me fight to get better. I am much better now and I haven’t got to go back to the hospital for a year as I am now Tumour free and want everyone to know this. I would also say a big thank you to staff who took me to the hospital for the first time and stayed with me when I got the results for my tumour. I was very scared and they stayed with me through everything”.

Mark also asked if he could nominate the people he lives with as part of the team - “I love everyone I live with, they make me feel welcome, we all pull our weight and work together with the staff to have a happy environment, we are all one team. We go out once a week all together with staff and we have a really good time, I loved going to the star and cricketers and we laugh a lot like when I balanced a teaspoon on my nose for minutes and everyone laughed!!”

“It might not be long before I can start to out in the community again on my own now I am better. I enjoy going out with staff on a one to one but staff have helped me to get ready to go out on my own again, I am excited about this and staff have given me lots of encouragement and helped me get ready for this”

“I love living at Shelden and I think the staff and my house mates are great and I think they should win the best award”

To finish Mark said - “I feel great I have done this, I feel great they might win”.

Shortlisted (with a brief note on why):

Laura Radcliffe, Lucie Snelling and Karen Sloots, Walnut Tree Lane. Nominated by Irene Franklin because they ‘support her to see her friends every day in town’.

The Oaklands Team. Nominated by Philip Hatton Gilday because ‘they are supportive to me and have organised a group holiday.’

Ted, Adam and Jimmy from Roman House. Nominated by Wayne Elvidge because ‘they were a great team who take their jobs very seriously’.

The Town Farm Workshop Team. Nominated by Stacey Eustace, Gizelle Barton and Tracy Stevenson because the team are ‘helpful and kind and easy to talk to’.

The Mill House Team. Nominated by Callan Campbell because ‘all the staff are very supportive and listen well’.

Continuous Improvement

Winner: Lillian Kidd, Homeleigh – Lillian was nominated by Brian Sykes Lomas.

Brian said that Lillian is ‘good to get on with, a good manager’ who has improved ‘my bedroom and the whole place.’


Stuart McAllister, Portland Street. Stuart was nominated by Jeremy Wilson because ‘we talk about punk music and football’.



Specialism: Adults with learning disabilities/young adults in transition.

Details of vacancy: None

Age range: 20 years +


Shelden Drive


Specialism: Supported living for people with learning disabilities with a focus on developing further independent skills and meeting outcome-focused goals.




Homeleigh is a substantial Victorian property providing registered residential care.

Specialism: Enduring Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and/or Autism.