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The Regard Group become members of The Care Workers Charity


We are delighted to announce that we have become members of The Care Workers Charity.

The Care Workers Charity is dedicated to helping current, former and retired care workers. Help is offered in the form of hardship grants, online information and advice for anyone who is experiencing financial hardship.

People who work, or who have previously worked, within the UK Care Profession in a registered domiciliary, residential care, day care or supported living service, may be offered a hardship grant by The Care Workers Charity, subject to application criteria.

The Care Workers Charity exists because carers look after some of society’s most vulnerable individuals and spend their careers assisting others, but when circumstances change, sometimes it’s the carers who need support.

The Care Workers Charity vision is that no care worker will ever face financial hardship alone.

The ‘rainy day fund for everyday heroes’ means that anyone in any role employed within a registered provider such as Regard, is eligible for the hardship grant, including care staff, cleaners, regional office staff, catering, and managers.

Some real case studies from care workers who have benefited from The Care Workers Charity can be read here:

The Care Workers Charity is a non-profit organisation who run a number of fundraising events throughout the year, with their annual event ‘Going the Extra Mile’ coming up on 30th July.

The charity are asking people across the country to walk, run, bounce or even skip a mile to raise money to celebrate the extra mile care workers go every single day, and the staff at Regard aim to be involved in this.

Carole Edmond, CEO of the Regard Group said “We look forward to working together with The Care Workers Charity to benefit anyone who may need support, and hope we can help support their national event too.”

To read more about the work that The Care Workers Charity do, visit their website: