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All our residential services have an identified area of expertise and whilst they can support people with the most complex needs, we never forget they are a home.

We support people with complex needs to achieve their full potential by enabling them to become more independent and to learn new life skills. Every home is first and foremost a home for the people that live there and we will ensure that everyone is included in every aspect of the their home from menu planning to staff recruitment. Our staff are trained to support and help individuals grow and develop and to take control of their lives.

Even before someone moves in to one of our services we will complete a comprehensive assessment detailing their individual needs and how we can support them to achieve positive outcomes in their lives. Everyone will have a clear outcome plan drawn up so we can work together to achieve realistic goals that have true meaning to the individual we are able to support.

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Please click here to view our doodle video on how to make a referral and the process that takes place once you have made one.

About Our Supported Living Services

All our supported living services are based on the needs of the people we support and enable them to make sense of and take control of their lives. Many...

Adrian Lodge

Specialism: Adults with enduring mental health problems.

Details of vacancy: One first floor room with a shared bathroom available

Type of Service:Specialist Mental Health...