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Dementia Services

At Regard, we are committed to supporting individuals with dementia and encourage them to live full, active and independent lives.

We achieve this through individually tailored packages of care and support, designed to meet each Service User’s personal goals and aspirations. Regard also assists individuals in positive risk taking, so they actively increase their confidence and move towards their goals in small, achievable milestones.

Person-centred planning

Our services are focused around the individual. Through listening to them, we understand what is important to each Service User and what they would like to achieve. We can then use this information to create a tailored person-centred dementia plan for each individual.

The staff at Regard are highly skilled at supporting individuals with dementia through to end of life care, and empower them to make their own choices and take control. As a result, Service Users can live the lives they choose and achieve their goals. Our role is to manage the risks associated with the choices they make to achieve positive outcomes.

By understanding the reasons behind an individual’s actions, and developing our knowledge of what is important to them, we can help Service Users overcome their frustration and fear when they are unable to express what they want.

Support and communication

We understand that people with dementia typically experience problems with memory and the skills needed to carry out daily tasks, so we work with Service Users to maintain their existing skills as far as possible.

Individuals with dementia often respond well to routines, as they provide a sense of meaning and security. At Regard, we use a planner to display each Service User’s daily routine, which prompts them to remember activities, as well as using other memory aids.

We also employ a variety of different communication tools with individuals, including visual clues and specialist signage, and engage them in a range of stimulatory activities, which are tailored to each Service User’s individual preferences and continually adapted in response to their changing needs.

In the later stages of dementia, we work with individuals to stimulate their sense of taste, touch and smell through the use of different fabrics, talking to them, and ensuring a regular change of scenery.

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