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Mental Health Services

Regard offers supported living, outreach support and residential services to individuals with Mental Health needs, allowing them an opportunity to achieve within a service of their choice.

We provide a bespoke care plan for each individual from the time they are referred to us through a planned progression pathway. This helps Service Users relearn the skills required for daily living in order for them to move towards increased independence and minimum support.

As a result, we enable people to improve the quality of their lives and make positive changes in areas that are important to them, rather than just alleviating their symptoms.

Our assessment considers where the individual is starting from, as well as the personal and practical challenges they may face. This enables long term goals to be identified, as well as the short term steps required to meet these goals.

In addition to psychiatry and psychology services, Regard believes recovery from mental illness is enhanced by:

SELF EMPOWERMENT: Supporting the individual to exercise their personal rights and taking responsibility for the choices they make. As a result, they recognise they have the same rights and responsibilities as others and that their views are as important to those of others.

SELF MANAGEMENT: We consider all areas of the individual’s life and encourage them to negotiate with others to get their needs met, to accept the support of others on their own terms and manage their physical health and medication.

POSITIVE RISK MANAGEMENT: The individual actively takes small steps to improve their life, moving towards increased independence and minimal support.

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