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Bishop’s House

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Specialism: The service supports adults with enduring Mental Health needs or Learning Difficulties, Asperger’s, Autism or ABI who would benefit from living in their own space with a bespoke care package to suit their needs, plus background support for more independent individuals in the main property. We are experienced in managing challenging behaviours and provide more complex individuals with their own team for consistency and development of quality relationships.

Details of Vacancies: Self Contained Flat on the 2nd Floor.

Type of service: Supported Living

Age range: 18+

Current Profile of Service: Care packages are developed on an individual basis with a base level of shared support in the day.

Hours Provided: There is 24-hour background staffing, including a shared waking night. Additional hours are based on assessed needs.

Focus of Service: We provide individuals with appropriate support for their individual needs. We are outcome focused and encourage the development of life skills. We also work with our service users to integrate them within the wider community and liaise with family members regarding ongoing care and activities.

About this service
What we offer

​Bishop’s House is a newly developed property with 6 individual self-contained flats including ground floor options. It is close to all local amenities including bus and railway stations and is ideally situated for promoting independence.

The home is close to the local swimming pool and leisure centres where service users can be supported to use the facilities on offer including gyms, saunas and access to sports parks for more specific training.

Full needs and risk assessments completed by trained and experienced staff in liaison with the individual and anyone else they wish to be involved such as family, friend, or advocate. Provision of an individuals’ person-centered support plan to include assistance in activities to maintain independence.

Support to individuals with a range of activities including: Budget planning and finances, meal planning, shopping and household tasks, establishing community links and promoting self-advocacy and support in accessing health services.

Our new service at Bishop’s House was developed to meet local requirements

Our latest supported living service opens in King’s Lynn.

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  • Locality Manager: Dianne Eaton, 07725960741

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