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The Domiciliary Care agency is located in Cardiff and is a specialist agency specifically registered to support individuals that reside in a 24 hour Supported Living Scheme in the city of Cardiff. We also provide an outreach service for individuals who move on into their own accommodation the hours will vary depending upon the identified needs of the individual. The agency has been registered since 2006 and since it has been established has built up a portfolio of services in the Cardiff area, specifically working with a housing association to provide supported housing for service users that require 24 hour support in their own specialist accommodation.

We are able to support individuals in a variety of settings and can assist with sourcing accommodation. We will develop a package of care and support based on an individual’s assessed needs. By managing an individual’s risk we ensure that they achieve as much independence as possible.

Specialist Expertise

We are registered to provide services for individuals with a diagnosis of mental health including schizophrenia, bi –polar affective disorder, borderline personality disorder and depression we also support individuals who have drug and alcohol abuse and substance misuse. In addition to this we are also registered to support individuals who have learning disabilities (including epilepsy, communication and cognitive problems). We work within the recovery and enablement models offering service users the opportunity to direct their potential in their own time. We will work with individuals to put together a development plan which maps out how they wish their recovery to be planned, this is done with specific support from a designated key worker and may include other family and friends who can support the network.

Staff teams
What we offer
Meet the team

Due to the complex needs of the people we support our staff teams are specifically recruited and trained to provide tailored support to the person. This means we base our staff team around the individual’s needs and also encourage the person, their family and any support networks to take part in staff recruitment. We provide continuity and consistency of support by experienced support staff with designated keyworkers

We provide support to individuals who are moving from residential care or rehab units at secure hospitals. We are specifically contracted to provide support to individuals that fall within tier 2 of the NHS mental health provision. We specialise in seeking appropriate accommodation which is usually shared with people with a similar diagnosis to offer a shared support package, however we can also support service users with 1:1 care packages that live independently in their own homes.

Services offered include:

Full needs and risk assessments completed by trained and experienced staff in liaison with the individual and anyone else they wish to be involved such as family, case manager, advocate or friend.

Provision of an individuals designed person centred support package to include assistance in activities to maintain independence

Support to service users with a range of activities including:

  • Budget planning and support with finances.( we can become appointee if required)
  • Meal planning , preparation and shopping
  • Household tasks, including laundry and housework.
  • Planning social and leisure activities including college, voluntary work etc.
  • Establishing community links
  • Promoting self advocacy or supporting advocacy services.
  • Health promotion and access to GP/dentist.
  • Medication (assistance/support)
  • Develop and maintain family and personal relationships.
  • Access to professionals as identified in individual support plans such s psychiatrists, occupational therapists, community psychiatric nurses and primary care trusts

Kelly Prosser – Registered Domiciliary manager. Kelly has over 12 years’ experience working with clients who have a learning and physical disability, mental health, challenging behaviour and drug and alcohol misuse. Kelly has been with Regard for 12 years starting as a support worker and working her way up to senior and then onto the service manager position. During the time that Kelly has been with Regard she has attained both her NVQ’s level 3 and 4 RMA in health and social care; Kelly also completes all mandatory training on an annual basis and completes all service specific training in order to ensure that she has the knowledge and skill to support the clients within her services. The service has a small dedicated staff team and is led by a senior support worker who has worked for Regard for a little over 18 months and during this time has worked in several of the services and worked her way from support worker up to the senior support worker role through her hard work and ability to take on direction. The senior has been nominated to complete her level 3 QCF and also completes the service specific training in order to ensure that she has the knowledge and skill to support the client group within the service. The staff team she leads are fully trained in mandatory and service specific training with over 90% of the team having completed a NVQ level 2 or above.

National Learning Disability and Autism Awards - Finalists

We are delighted to have finalists in five categories of the English and Welsh finals of the National Learning Disability and Autism Awards.

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  • First Floor 16a Park Road, Whitchurch, CF14 7BQ
  • 07885 998 247
  • Service Manager: Kelly Prosser
  • Regional Manager: Julie Davies: 07885998254

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