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The service is able to support individuals from the age of 17 as part of a transitional model of support we promote at Regard. In each case we would work closely with all parties to ensure an agreed approach is put in place to help an individual make that transition in to adulthood a positive one.

Helena Services is made up of two buildings, a three bedroom shared house and six individual flats.

Specialism: Adults with learning disabilities and more complex needs.

Details of vacancies: There are currently no vacancies at Helena Services.

All flats are entirely self-contained with en-suite bathrooms and communal areas.

Age range: 18 years +

Current Profile of Service: Helena Services are only a short distance from the centre of Spalding which is a bustling market town with excellent local amenities. Each flat is completely self-contained and there is a 3 bedroom, shared house.

Focus of Service: The individuals we support at Helena Services are encouraged to pursue a wide range of activities which include attending adult education courses at local colleges.Our philosophy is one of person-centred support which gives choice and independence which enables service users to develop and maintain skills to give them opportunities and freedom to be as independent as possible.

Hours provided: High levels of 24 hour support from experienced staff. Service users are individually assessed on a 1:1 basis for their support needs.

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​Helena Services has been completely redeveloped and refurbished to a high standard. There are 6 single self-contained flats. All the flats have a separate bedroom, bathroom and spacious open plan kitchen and lounge area. There is also a three bedroom shared house. The building is close to the town centre and all local amenities.

Helena Services has a philosophy of person-centred support, giving choice, independence and encouragement. We enable service users to develop and maintain skills to give them the freedom to be as independent as possible, to reach their potential and realise their dreams. We will support new opportunities for achievement with informed choices and managed risks so that there is a continuous path of progress within the community.

We support people to attend college, find supported employment and take part in other meaningful daytime activities so they can develop and maintain new skills in a friendly and supportive environment. We ensure that all health needs are met in full with access to local practitioners and provide an environment that is safe but ensures that tenants have autonomy over their lives. In addition we encourage people to participate in a full range of social activities and to acquire, where necessary, the appropriate social skills and behaviours. We seek people’s views through meetings and other appropriate means.

Viv Collin leads the team at Helena. Viv has worked with Regard since 2008 and has many years’ experience working with Children and Adults with Complex Needs, Challenging Behaviour and Autism. Viv has NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care

The team have around 60 years of experience working in the care sector. They also have received specialised training internally with autism, personality disorder and epilepsy.

Brett moves into his own flat at Helena services

When Brett first came to visit his potential flat at Helena Services he was very happy - his mother had put some pictures up of his favourite things such as trains and the London underground.

Easter Egg hunt fun at Helena Services

Last week, the people we support at Helena, our supported living service in Spalding took part in an annual Easter Egg hunt organised by the staff who supported them.

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  • 0800 840 0313
  • Service Manager: Viv Collin

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