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The service is able to support individuals from the age of 17 as part of a transitional model of support we promote at Regard. In each case we would work closely with all parties to ensure an agreed approach is put in place to help an individual make that transition in to adulthood a positive one.

Specialism: Learning disability, autism and behaviours that may challenge.

Details of Vacancy: One self-contained flat available

Type of Service: This service would be suitable for anyone moving from residential care or their family home who need a period of transition before moving in to more independent living environments. The service provides 24-hour background core support, including a sleep-in night member of staff and background staff during the day. Individuals are assessed for 1:1 hours.

Age Range: 18 to 28 years

Current Profile of Service: The service users are a young adult group all working towards higher levels of independence.

Hours Provided: There is 24-hour staffing, including waking night and sleep-in staff.

Focus of Service: We develop a package of support based on a young person’s identified needs. We encourage individuals to enhance their independence by developing social, domestic and work skills. Our staff team actively promote opportunities for people to move on to supported or independent living environments using person centred reviews, PATH and MAP tools to support young people to understand and make informed choices about their future.

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Rhyme House, near the centre of Sittingbourne in Kent, provides accommodation for up to 10 young people. The ground-floor bedrooms and self-contained flat have their own access to the back garden.

The bedrooms upstairs have a kitchenette and living areas and are perfect for young people preparing to move on to independent living. There is a large well equipped communal garden.

Shops are within walking distance and the town centre is a ten-minute walk away. Local amenities include a cinema, pubs, restaurants, bowling complex, colleges, swimming pool, gym, library and churches.

  • 24 hour support with sleep in staff Promotion of self-advocacy and support to access advocacy services
  • Promotion of employment opportunities and access to colleges
  • Support with healthcare appointments and healthcare plan
  • Established links with local community learning disability team and healthcare professionals
  • Established links with local housing providers for when ready to move on
  • Budget planning and finances
  • Promotion of independent living skills - cleaning, laundry, menu planning, shopping
  • Transport training, where applicable, to further independence
  • Supporting individuals to maintain a safe environment
  • Benefits support and assistance with claims from a specialist team

Becky De Rose is the Service Manager of Rhyme House she has over 28 years experience of working within a health and social care setting and is able to lead a develop a team of people. Becky has spent over 10 years working within a residential setting for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. Becky has a BTEC diploma in care, NVQ level 3 and a level 5 Diploma in health and social care leadership and management.

The team has over 50 years of experience between them working within health and social care a number of them have completed service specific and specialist training in areas such as Proact SCIP, Autism and managing challenging behaviour.

Green-fingered Alice wows friends at Rhyme House

Alice, who has learning difficulties, is wowing house-mates and staff at the residential service where she lives in Kent, with her previously unsuspected horticultural skills.

Lamar, from Rhyme House, plans his perfect day

​An individual we support has been managing severe anxiety levels is now making ‘great progress’ after moving to one of our residential services in Sittingbourne.

Contact Rhyme House

  • 9-11 Chaucer Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 1EZ
  • 01795 439 744
  • 07889 642305
  • Service Manager: Becky De Rose
  • Regional Manager: Charmaine Williams: 07986105085
  • Area Manager: Victoria Hodgson: 07734538156

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