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The service users and staff are preparing a summer beach party and intend to invite all the services and staff from the other homes in the Cardiff area, where there will be a real beach!

In preparation for the upcoming event, all the ladies at Talworth have been busy making decorations for the party including a piñata from paper mache, palm trees and lots more; ‘we were all covered in flour and water, but was so much fun!’ commented Vicky (Senior Support Worker at Talworth).

Not only is it a great excuse to get messy, but arts and crafts visibly reduces anxieties and promotes positive relationships for our ladies, with one of the service users stating that it’s the most fun she’s had for a while.


Vicky (the Senior Support Worker at Talworth) commented that the beach party turned out to be a huge success. There was a lovely spread of finger food, a BBQ and the sangria was a massive hit.

All of the services users who attended (including Jarrod’s mum) participated in the games which included shooting cans off with a water gun, having a good ol whack at the fab piñata (which was hilarious!) and a general knowledge quiz.

For the quiz each team had to think of a name which included; The Beach Boys (Jarrod, Paul, Matthew and Jarrod’s mum), The Madonna’s (Sheila, Mandy and Kerry), The Scallywags (Lisa, Tina and Carrie), and The Cheerleaders (Tracey, Jenny, Lauren and Yohanna); The Scallywags beat The Madonna’s by one point to take the crown!

The afternoon was a success with lots of laughter, chat and dancing. Matthew even let his inner child out and built some sandcastles on the beach.

The service users commented that it was one of the best parties they have been to!

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Specialism The service is able to support people with Learning Disabilities, Mental health and/or substance misuse issues to develop independent living skills, sensory loss