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Danielle and James who live at our Coneyhurst Lodge residential home in Worthing have become great friends. Our staff team at Coneyhurst are supporting Danielle to move closer to her family in Maidstone. Knowing that the two friends would be sad to part they organised a day out for them on the Isle of Wight.

Chris, the service manager at Coneyhurst, told us about the day:

“Last Friday, James, and Danielle had a day away. They were both nervous and impatient on the day to Portsmouth where the boat was waiting to sail to the Isle of Wight. Once on-board, they were amazed by the view and glued to the window all the way. On arrival, they headed to the zoo where they Danielle enjoyed watching the animals and James listened to the information provided by the keepers. They both enjoyed browsing the shop for souvenirs.

The excitement didn’t stop there. Next, they visited a ship museum to see the lifeboats and learned how rescues take place at sea. Finally, the friends enjoyed the views walking along the beach. They were delighted to have such a beautiful day in February to enjoy the sights and say ‘au revoir’ – we hope to meet again.”

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