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Barry, who lives at our Cloverdale House residential care service in Hove, recently celebrated landing a job at his local charity shop.

Barry, who has autism, has been dreaming of finding a job in the local community for a while now, so was thrilled when ‘Scope’, the charity shop, said yes to take him on as a volunteer.

Trevor, the service manager, said: ‘I helped Barry land the job by supporting him to the store to see if they had any vacancies and if they would take him on.

Barry doesn’t like change but loves to help people so this was the perfect setting for him to have some routine and still be able to help people in the local community.’

Barry said: ‘I have wanted to do some work for a long time, I now work every Wednesday. I am currently supported by staff to travel to and from work however would like to become more independent and do this by myself in the future.’

Cloverdale House supports adults with Autism, Epilepsy, and Angelman’s syndrome, the service currently has an upper floor room with en-suite bathroom vacancy available. For families interested in knowing more, details are available from Theresa Cook on 07812072043 or visit the service page below for further information.

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