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Bay Lodge, our residential service in Holbeach held a fancy dress picnic last week in aid of YoungMinds. Our chosen national charity this year, YoungMinds, is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young adults. Any money raised by our picnics and other events planned for the coming year will go to further the important work they do.

The theme of the picnic party was Disney and everyone who joined in the fun had to dress up. This included both staff and the people we support.

Regional Director, Sue Mace, Regional Coordinator, Faye Dunning, and Customer Relationship Manager, Helen Petitdemange, also joined in the party.

Margarita Atienza and Dorcas Adeboye from the Kingston Office also came to the party and dressed up too. The costumes were great as can be seen in the photographs, there were people dressed up as Pinocchio, Woody, Minnie Mouse, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Tinkerbell, Pocahontas, Lilo, Captain America, Princess Belle, A Dalmatian and more!

There was also a Disney quiz that everyone took part in and a trampoline for everyone to have a bounce on. Helen said that the quiz was “very difficult and I had to guess most of the answers”, the quiz is still running throughout the service as so many people enjoyed getting involved.

Plenty of food and drinks were supplied and everyone had a great time enjoying the party atmosphere. There was a cake sale which helped raise money for the charity. Altogether the service raised over £115 which was a great accomplishment.

Speaking about the day Dorcas said: “We had a really fun time on the trampoline and the service did well at raising lots of money for charity, Margarita and I had a great time.”

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Specialism: Younger adults with learning disabilities, autism, complex behavior disorders and complex health needs.Type of Service: Fully registered residential service, staffed 24 hours a day.