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When Brett first came to visit his potential flat at Helena Services he was very happy - his mother had put some pictures up of his favourite things such as trains and the London underground.

Brett initially seemed a bit nervous, but after seeing things he liked about the flat - he began to jump for joy!

Brett is 19 years old, with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), and up until recently had always lived with his mum Sharon. For most people, big changes in their life such as moving house can not only be stressful, but scary at the same time. People with ASD often find it very difficult to adapt to new changes, and moving home is one of the biggest changes someone can go through. When Brett first moved in December, he felt worried - which was to be expected, as it was the first time living away from his mother.

However, the staff at Helena Services have managed to create a cosy home environment that is well suited and adapted, especially for Brett.

Mandy, Brett’s senior support worker says “Brett has settled in really well at Helena - all the staff are really fond of him and enjoy working with him. Brett has also started to enjoy trips out with the other people who live at Helena and enjoys being around them.”

Brett has built a really positive relationship with all the staff members at Helena Services and has even started to touch his thumb to theirs - which is a positive, happy signal from Brett.

Luke, who is the Service Manager at Helena, says “Brett has choice and control in his daily living arrangements, and attends many fun and fulfilling activities - such as going to theme parks, the seaside, and taking trips on trains. He goes food shopping every week with his staff members, chooses what food he would like for the week ahead - and sometimes even asks for a cheeky bottle of wine.”

Through the hard work and input from staff at Helena, and Brett’s his own willingness to adapt, he now sees his flat as his home, and has settled in nicely. His family visit regularly, with Brett hosting them in his flat, and everyone is very proud of him. Luke says: “Brett is on the road to independence and nothing can stop him now!”

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