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Cerrig Camu, our residential service in Gwynedd opened its doors last week as part of Care Home Open Day, a national annual event for residential care homes.

Across Regard, 20 services will be opening their doors and hosting a variety of events from April to July.

There was music and dancing which was great fun, and also lots of games that everyone could get involved with, including a giant Connect Four.

There were cakes and drinks to celebrate, and even a delicious barbeque with burgers, sausages and chicken, for everyone to enjoy.

Service Manager Andrew said, “It was a fantastic day and I would like to thank all the staff and service users who participated in the event, which also included the staff and people who attend our local day centre - Cerrig Camu OWL.”

The day was made better by the glorious sunshine which everyone basked in throughout the day.

Andrew added, “The day was fun-filled and all the people attended seemed to really enjoy the occasion. We look forward to the next time we have sunny weather so we can get the barbeque and games out again!”

Cerrig Camu Residential Service


The service is able to support individuals from the age of 17 as part of a transitional model of support we promote at Regard. In each