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Cerrig Cornel, our supported living service in Tywyn, held a successful picnic last week as part of Regard’s ‘Big Picnic Fortnight’ to help raise money and awareness for our voted charity of the year, YoungMinds.

YoungMinds is a charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young adults. All year long we will be running a number of fundraising events across the organisation to help raise funds for the vital work they do. Last year over £7,000 was raised this way and donated to the charity MIND.

On the day of the event, the team supported everyone and got them involved by preparing food, making and putting up decorations and setting up games. Staff members Amy and Edwina were both in charge of the food preparations with assistance from one of the individuals we support, Llŷr, who was ensuring everything was done correctly and on time.

William, who also lives at the service, assisted staff member Amber in making yellow, white and blue bunting and helped her put up decorations around the home and in the garden before guests were due to arrive.

Friends and family were invited to take part in the picnic and join in on all the fun. Barbra and Gordon, the parents of Richard, were very generous, bringing scones, cream and jam along to the picnic.

In the afternoon, two very special guests joined them; Lady Maude and Hamish, two donkeys owned by staff member Angie. They were a big hit among everyone, especially with two of the individuals, Bryn and Anna, who were both extremely excited and enjoyed the atmosphere. Anna said: “It’s really good to see the donkeys, thank you Angie for bringing them”. They all enjoyed walking and riding the donkeys along the drive as you can see from the photographs.

Once the donkeys left it was back to the picnic with a lot of food being consumed, laughter and talking. After all of the food it was time to burn off those calories by joining in the games which Kieron, the senior support worker, had set-up for everyone. Mr. Joyner, one of the parents, joined in on the sack race, whilst Barbra and Gordon competed against Kieron and Amy in a walking the planks race. Richard enjoyed all the games and said: “The games were really good.”

A few days prior to the picnic they also held a bake sale in their local Co-Op. William and staff members Jan, Clare and Gill all helped bake the cakes. Angie supported William to set-up a stand in Co-Op to sell the cakes and even the service manager, Simon Moore, bought some.

With the picnic and bake sale they managed to raise over £204 for YoungMinds.

Simon said: “It was an amazingly successful event. We still have a few more events planned and will continue to raise money for YoungMinds throughout the year”.

Kieron added: “It was great to see the people we support, staff and family members working together to ensure the day was a success. The day went really well, there was a great atmosphere, food and games played. The weather was good too which ensured the donkeys could visit which in turn encouraged some of the individuals to participate in the day, which they don’t normally do. Overall the day was a great success and all in need of a good cause. Well done and thank you to everyone.”

The feedback from everyone was positive, Llŷr said: “I like that my family got to come for the day.”

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Cerrig Cornel is available for adults 18 years and over.Specialism: The service is registered to provide support to people who have learning disabilities, including those