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Last week, Cloverdale hosted the last event in Regard’s Afternoon Tea Week 2018.

Services across Regard have been hosting events throughout August to raise money for Shelter and Shelter Cymru.

Cloverdale’s tea party was a joint event for the different services within Caroline Robins’ locality and guests came from fellow Regard services Arden House, Bridgewater, Lynfords, Marshes, Maldon House and Oak View.

Trevor Wilcox, Service Manager at Cloverdale took the role of host along with his ‘sidekick’ Dawn Greenfield from Maldon House .

Sophie, who lives at the service, also very much enjoyed being the host and showing everyone around the house.

There was a great tombola table with lots of different prizes. Everybody had a chance to look at the table before and decided what they might like to win.

All of the guests and people we support paid for their own strip of raffle tickets for charity and everyone was very happy with their prizes.

Trevor had chosen a lovely day and the sun shone brightly over everyone in Cloverdale’s large garden as they played a variety of different games including giant connect four.

Trevor also bought a piñata for the guests to play with. It was quite hard to crack and lots of the people we support from the different services had an attempt at opening the piñata before sharing the sweets.

Bridgewater House donated an amazing hand crafted made to order cake as can be seen in the photographs.

As well as the previously mentioned guests from our services, Rod Brizzell, Customer Relationship Manager for London and Cass Palmer, Area Manager visited for the event.

Three more guests from the Kingston office came down for the party: Carly Strange, Marketing Executive, Paige Saunders, HR Administrator and Sophie-Jayne Ives, Client Benefits Administrator Apprentice.

Paige said “It was great to get out of the office and to see the service. Trevor did a great job putting everything together and I enjoyed getting to talk to so many different people”.

Being new to the company it was a great opportunity for Sophie and Cass to get involved in the party and to get to know other people.

Carly said “I was very impressed by all of the hard work the team went to for the party, including Trevor coming in to host the event while he was supposed to be on annual leave. It was clear to see everyone had a fantastic time, and I hope it isn’t too long before there is another party in the locality as the services have formed some really close friendships.”

The party raised £48 for Shelter, which brings Regard’s total so far this year to over £1000.

Kitty O’Shea, Corporate Partner at Shelter said “Shelter are incredibly grateful to have the support of The Regard Group this year. The fundraising truly does help make an amazing difference to families struggling with bad housing and homelessness.”

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