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Many people are aware of autism, which currently affects one in every one hundred people in Europe, however very few people understand the impact of living with autism; this lack of understanding can sometimes isolate and create barriers for people living with autism in society.

To help raise awareness of these issues our Cloverdale House residential care service in Hove recently hosted a celebration during Autism Awareness week for the people living at the service and their families.

Trevor, the service manager, said: ‘The team and I wanted to host a special tea party during Autism Awareness week for those living with autism at the service and their families to show our continued support. The families also had a chance to fully experience our newly opened sensory room and were impressed with how much work we had put in. The people we support and the team all wore t-shirts with ‘Cloverdale House’ on the front and on the back was ‘Autism Awareness’. We also invited old staff members and people from nearby services, Lynfords and Marshes and Eastbourne Road, to celebrate with us. Everyone was having a fabulous time singing and dancing in the main lounge.’

Cloverdale used the celebration to show off their new sensory room which is aimed at assisting those living with autism at the service.

Trevor, spoke about the plans of converting the old summer house to the new sensory room and the impact is has had so far at the service. He said: ‘The task of converting the old summer house to the new sensory room was given to one of my team members, Jen Ives, the inside was painted and the theme was the rain forest, she has done such a brilliant job! In the sensory room, there are plants, a tent, a sound system that can be used for jungle noises and also different atmospheric music. The people living at the service have said the room has become an oasis for them to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main home and enjoy spending quiet time in there to relax and unwind.’

Cloverdale House currently has an upper floor room with en-suite bathroom vacancy available. For families interested in knowing more, details are available from Theresa Cook on 07812072043 or visit the service page below for more information.

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