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Earlier this month, people we support at Helena, our supported living service in Spalding took part in the service’s annual Easter Egg hunt.

Senior Support Worker Lynda planned the activity the week before and gave all of the people supported by the service lots of notice allowing excitement levels to build.

Brett, Rebecca, Benjamin and Laura all got involved with the support of their individual support workers. The aim was to find as many Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits as possible.

Senior Support Worker Denva spoke to the people he supports after the event to see how they felt. Benjamin was asked if he enjoyed looking for chocolate eggs to which he replied ‘yes’ and ‘eggs again soon’. Due to Brett being non-verbal, Brett wasn’t able to comment but he appeared to have enjoyed it and ate the chocolate as soon as he went into his flat. Rebecca said she really enjoyed it and wants to do it again soon, and that she enjoyed socialising.

Everyone in the service is hoping to continue the tradition next year.

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