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Molly Robinson and Sharon Bradley, who work at Domiciliary Care North West decided that they wanted to arrange something fun for the people they support, knowing how much they all loved a party. They decided to throw a festive Easter Party which would include an Easter egg hunt.

Sharon contacted the services and asked for their participation. Each of the services made a donation to Molly and Sharon who between them organised the food and hiding of the chocolate Easter Eggs.

Staff and people we support from Lansdowne Road, Crescent Road and Delaunay’s Road were all really excited to attend.

All of the people we support got involved in the party and in hunting for the tasty Easter eggs. Gary Garr, who is supported by Lansdowne Road said “I enjoyed the food, the people, the music, the dancing and seeing all the staff.”

Molly said “The main success was the dancing competition, as you can tell from the pictures they all enjoy a boogie. Karaoke also went down a treat, with even staff giving it ago”

Additionally, Molly added “Parties at Crescent Road are always a huge success. It brings a smile to your face seeing the people we support enjoying themselves with others and actually doing something productive with their day, great day had by all!”

Everyone is hopeful that this will become an annual event because they enjoyed it so much.

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Specialism: The service supports women with enduring Mental Health needs or Learning Difficulties, Asperger’s, Autism or ABI who would benefit from having their own

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