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After a time of turmoil, Emma has begun to rebuild her life with the support from our team at Bower Mount Road. Everyone is proud of her progress, particularly Emma, who shares her story her in her own words:

‘I moved to Bower Mount Road in June of this year. I came here from living at my dad’s house where I was sleeping on the sofa as my dad didn’t have enough room. Life was not good. To be honest, my whole life has been hard; I have been in abusive relationships throughout my life and have moved around the country a lot. I have found myself hanging around with the wrong people who have had drug and alcohol problems. I have lived in hostels and have slept rough on the streets to try and get out of these situations.’

With help from the staff at Bower Mount Road life for me now has changed massively. I came to visit at the start of June and liked it a lot here. With a lot of hard work from the staff here, I managed to move in the next day. It was a bit crazy as I didn’t have anything apart from a bag of clothes. But over the course of the next few days, furniture and other bits started to arrive. It was a huge change for me.

For the first time, I have somewhere to call my own, my own flat, my own space! As well as people around me who aren’t going to take everything from me and make me feel bad.

I am working closely with the staff here to learn how to manage my time better; I am also learning how to cope with my anger and frustration, something I hadn’t manage to do very well before. The staff supports me emotionally which is really helpful.

I haven’t been here long but have already found work for two days a week and I am managing to save money. Something else I’ve never been able to manage. I like being active and have also joined a dance club and a football club. I like to say a massive thank you to the staff who sat with me for the first few days and just listened. They didn’t judge me; I can talk to them anytime, even when they are in the office and I know they have a load of stuff to do. I know that the door is always open, so a big thank you to everyone here. To all the staff and people that live here, you have all given me loads of support and good advice. It was a massive decision to come here but I’m glad I finally found the courage to take that step and can now start to rebuild my life.’

Theresa Cook, Customer Relationship Manager, was the person who assessed and supported Emma with her move to the service. Theresa attended Emma’s 6-week review to see how she was getting on and said: ‘Emma is Pug mad and this was something we had in common and was a good way of getting to know Emma and finding out more about her. Emma knew I had a Pug puppy called Albie and kept asking me to bring him to Bower Mount Road. We chatted about this and Emma wanted to take Albie for a walk. She had her 6-week review in the garden with her social worker, me and Albie; after the review, we took Albie for a nice walk.’

Theresa was delighted with Emma’s progress and how far she had come in just 6-weeks and said: ‘Emma has done amazingly well since her move to Bower Mount Road and when I spoke to her about her success she wanted her story put onto our website so others can see how well she has done.’

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