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Cloverdale House, our residential service in Hove have been getting their hands dirty and getting involved in some gardening in the recent months.

The people we support wanted to get involved in growing some vegetables and so the gardening idea was developed and supported by all of the staff.

Barry, Linda and Caroline, who all live at the service all helped to weed the garden and plant the seeds. Currently they are growing runner beans, broad beans, peas, sweetcorn and courgettes.

Caroline can be seen in the photographs watering the plants, as all of the people we support enjoy getting involved in looking after them.

Service Manager Trevor said: “Some strawberries have also been growing but as soon as they have ripened they have been eaten immediately so there are no photos of these!” This has become a running joke at the service about why people are always looking at the strawberries in the garden and why there are none left anymore.

Everyone has got great joy out of their involvement in the garden and they will continue to grow a variety of different things as the seasons change.

All across Regard we have been running gardening competitions this summer, including ‘Regard in Bloom’ and our ‘Bloom and win sunflower photograph competition’, it is great to see so many of our services getting involved in gardening.

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