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Recently, in the London and South East region, a number of our services held a competition to see who could produce the best scarecrow; there were some great entries as can be seen in the photographs.

The people we support and staff teams threw themselves into the challenge. Some staff even came to work on the judging day dressed as scarecrows!

Everyone who got involved really enjoyed the activity and there was lots of fun and laughter. The people we support got involved in all elements, from buying clothes for them to stuffing the bodies, making paper-mache heads, painting them, dressing them and creating scenes for them.

Once all of the scarecrows had been made they were then photographed and shared around the whole company for people to cast their votes on their favourite entry.

People who live and work at Maldon House, Cloverdale, Coneyhurst, Eastbourne Road, Lynfords, The Marshes, Oak Lodge and Hill View all joined in the fun.

The winning services were Oak Lodge and Hill View, who entered a joint effort. Locality manager Caroline Robbins who organised the competition, said: “I believe they won because not only were their scarecrows excellent but also because everyone got involved and even some of the staff dressed up too which was great to see!”

The competition was a great success with votes coming in from all around the company. We look forward to next year and maybe this will become a company-wide contest in the future.

Maldon House


Specialism: Adults with a learning disability with a specialism around autism and communication strategies. Staff are trained in both Makaton and PECs.Details of vacancy:

Coneyhurst Lodge


Specialism: Adults with complex health needs including epilepsy, physical mobility needs & other associated complexities.Details of Vacancies: Currently there are three en-suite bedrooms available.

Cloverdale House


Specialism Complex care packages including adults with Autism - both high and low functioning, Epilepsy, Alternating Hemiplegia, Angelman’s Syndrome. We support service users with

Eastbourne Road


Specialism: Eastbourne Road is a residential home supporting young adults with learning disabilities who may also have associated complex behavioural needs, epilepsy and or autism..



Lynfords is a Registered Care Home providing twenty-four hour support for 6 adults with profound learning disabilities and physical disabilities. The service is mixed gender, age

The Marshes


The Marshes is a Registered Care Homes providing twenty-four hour support to 6 adults with profound learning disabilities and physical disabilities. The service is mixed gender,

Oak Lodge


Oak Lodge is a six bedded purpose built bungalow, residential home for adults with physical and learning disabilities and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days



Hillview is a six bedded built residential home for adults with Physical and Learning disabilities and is staffed 24 hours a day. It is located in