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Recently, Coneyhurst Lodge, our residential service in Worthing held an open day event as part of National Care Home Open Day.

Over the last few months, many of our services have been opening their doors to welcome local communities as part of this national event.

Elvira, the Service Manager, invited other local Regard services to come and join the event. She also put up flyers around the town for members of the public, to invite them to see what it is like at Coneyhurst, and to be able to meet the people they support, as well as staff.

The people who live at Coneyhurst Lodge helped with the planning and logistics of the day, as well as the practicalities of getting ready to show off their home.

Elvira and the team decided to have a barbeque and organised some fun games that everyone could take part in on the day. Elvira said “Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves and were keen to meet new people.”

The ladies who visited from Cloverdale House, another Regard residential service in Hove, had an exciting time as they got to have their faces painted and chatting to the staff and the people who live at Coneyhurst.

Elvira added “We had parents come to join their loved ones for the day as well, and they all appeared to have a lovely time.”

A social worker from West Sussex attended the party with the family of someone looking for a potential service to move into, they were very impressed by what they saw at Coneyhurst.

Elvira said “The whole staff team are very proud of all of the people we support, as they all managed to take part in the day without displaying anxieties or any behaviour that challenges - and this is especially important as we had people they did not know coming in and out of their home.”

The staff team worked together to ensure that everyone that came into the service felt welcomed and supported, and each member of the team decided to take responsibility for a different aspect of the day.

Paul Palmer, Senior Support Worker was in charge of the barbeque, ensuring that everyone had what they wanted, and was supported in the cooking by two of the people that we support.

Emma Gibbs, Support Worker, was responsible for the drinks table and made sure there was a wide selection available for everyone to choose form.

Dan Adams, Deputy Manager, played the role of the welcoming party with two of the people we support. They ensured that everyone who came in was welcomed, shown around the garden and introduced to people.

Hayley Davidson, Support Worker, was responsible for the face painting and everyone left with their chosen character on their face. People were very impressed with her art work - she received high praise from everyone.

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